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Go Organic

Tradational super market

the tradational super market

The word ‘organic’ means the way foods are grown and processed.

“What we do to nature is eventually what we do to our generation”.

We know that air, water, earth, and food are polluted. While most of the pollutants are not in our control, some can be controlled, yes food we consume is one such

Go Organic Store at Anna Nagar, sells the foods which are grown and processed in the traditional method and promises that all products are chemical free and thus ensures the healthy way of living. Great tasting organic food is good for our bodies — and it’s good for the planet your children and grandchildren will inherit

Organic Agriculture is managed in a precautionary and responsible manner based on science that ensures every produce is “healthy-safe” and ecologically sound. True sciences come from adopting age old traditional and indigenous practices that are in complete harmony with nature.

Our farmers are carefully chosen and make sure they are practicing environment-friendly farming techniques i.e, chemical-free soil to the grains being hand-picked – everything you see is organically farmed to give you the highest quality product.

our few products

We directly procure from farmers and ensure fertilizer free grown crops and all products are 100% organic products

Nuts & Dry Fruits

Nuts are hand picked from farmers and you can experience the quality tradational taste  


Our Spices are picked from each location where they grow organically

A2 Milk

Our milk is from Indian Cow variety like Gir, Shahival, Ponganoor breeds, which has a lot of medicinal value 


Traditional Variety rice grown by using traditional method and all variety rice are long duration rice  

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No GA/580, School Rd, Anna Nagar West Extn, 

Opposite to SBOA school , Chennai 600101

Phone – +91 91760 28198 | 044 615 0609

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No GA/580, School Rd, Anna Nagar West Extn,  Opposite to SBOA school , Chennai 600101


Contact us

Phone – +91 91760 28198 | 044 615 0609


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Daily – 9.30am to 9 pm